Minecraft [16/]
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Amy’s attempts at photo mode [4/?]

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holy shit i did not mean to do a vanishing act but anyway here’s wonderwall

(actually it’s a quick sera though)

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  "This is a tumblr hug(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Send this to 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain."

aaaaaa thank u <3

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Neon Girl
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the last of us: remastered + scenery/environments [6/???]

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And if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.

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your favourite character is asexual

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Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Mage Classes (x)

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Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Warrior Classes (x)

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Ellies backpack objects → origins

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Minecraft [22/]
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